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How to Sell 

1) How do I sell on

  1. Simply click the “Sell with Us” button, and login to create a seller profile.
  2. Once your profile is created, you can log in and add your products to the online store.

All posted products will be reviewed and approved within 24hrs and is then available to buy on List as many products as you want completely free!


2) How to create a seller's account on

  1. Log onto, click the “Sell with Us” button, and log in to create a seller profile.
  2. Once your profile is created, you can log in and add your products to the online store.
  3. All posted products will be reviewed and approved within 24hrs and are then available to buy on
  4. List as many products as you want completely free!

Turn your closet into CASH today!


3) How to post products on

You can simply log in to your seller's profile, then you will click on the 'Add Product'. Give as much description as you can regarding the product.

Then comes the shipping part, you will click on 'Requires Shipping.'

After this, you will add your inventory & collections details.

Then decide the price!

That's all, you are good to go! Just wait for your product to get approved now.


4) What makes a good product description?

A product description needs to have a clear detailed description so it can be a quick and easy sale. It can have a catchy tagline attached to it too!


Here's a template you should follow:

Brand Name

Is it new or preloved?

Number of pieces? Kamiz, shalwar, dupatta

Size: Small, medium, large etc.

Fabric / Material


Made in:

Any additional details required: (embroidery, self print etc)


Original price

Selling price


Used: how many times (brand new with tags, brand new, worn once, PRELOVED)

Condition: score on 10 (for eg. 8/10)







Trouser length

Any other measurements that can be provided


5) How to take good pictures to upload on

Good pictures make it easier for you to sell your product faster!

- Take at least 3-4 photos

- Look for areas with lots of natural light, and make sure to avoid dark and artificially lit rooms.

- Make sure to use a simple background. Plain white backgrounds make it easier to see the product. Try hanging clothes on a clean white wall, or use a clean floor or tabletop.

- Details help sell! Show close-up photos of brand name tags, material and show any defects with the products.

- Multiple angles such as pictures from the front, back, and top help show off your beautiful items.

- See if you can get a picture of someone wearing your product.

- We recommend using a free app like PhotoRoom to remove backgrounds and keep clear white backgrounds so your product is clearly visible.

The quality of your photos will definitely impact the purchase of your products. Customers prefer products that are shown in their true form, with excellent lighting because it helps them decide whether your product is worth the money.

So, follow along these tips and we assure that your products will sell out quicker!


6) How to sell your product faster?

Sell your products faster through these amazing tips and earn easy cash from the products that you don't need, only at!

  1. Give the detailed title
  2. Mention NEW or PRELOVED
  3. Mention detailed measurements of items including size, fabric type etc.
  4. Mention defects or damages
  5. Add a detailed description
  6. Take good quality pictures
  7. Pricing is key! Usually brand new items sell 25% less than retail price. Preloved items sell well when marked 50% of the actual price or lower.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Preloved?

Preloved ties the nostalgic emotions of the last owner to the item. It wasn’t just used, it was admired. It is most often used to describe things for sale in thrift shops or secondhand stores, such as clothing and books. is your one stop shop for an amazing selection of Preloved and new products available all over Pakistan ! Choose from preloved and brand new clothes, shoes, accessories, books and so much more!


  1. Why shop preloved?

Preloved shopping is how YOU can help the environment TODAY!

- It is less expensive

- It is better for the environment

- It offers you a unique variety of products which you can't find anywhere else


  1. Which preloved items can you sell on

- Clothes

- Accessories

- Books

- Toys

- Home Decor


  1. How to contact us?



Facebook: @bechlopakistan


  1. How to take good pictures to upload on

- Take at least 3-4 photos

- Take photos in natural light instead of artificial light

- Use a simple background

- Show details in photos including tags, material, brand name etc.

- Take photos from different angels including top, bottom, front, back and sides

- Try to take pictures of someone wearing your clothes

- We recommend using free apps like PhotoRoom to remove background and keep it white